Mi Autonomía

Series: Love Is Not Enough

A fascinating read about a forbidden love story, mixed with remnants of a painful past and a troubled present.

Two different ideas of love intersect: Mia Hunter with her freedom & Iván with his illusion.


Perdiendo Autonomia

Everyone talked to me about time. That it was a stage, that it was going to pass, that no one had died of love. I imagined not, but the punishment left to us was much worse than death.

Each memory of Mia was like a ghost moving in the darkness, a darkness that she was trying to escape. But her gravity was so strong that my attempts vanished with every breath I took.



I’m Not an Angel, the sixth track off Halestorm’s self-titled album, sees Lizzy Hale discussing her belief that she will ruin any future lovers. The song depicts Lizzy as an angel fallen from grace after “her first taste” and telling her lover that she doesn’t have wings, so flying with her won’t be easy. While she begins by blaming the partner for choosing her, she slowly moves into a place of deeper self-distaste.



Features the lead singer of Jacksonville based band, Shinedown, Brent Smith.

Seems to be sung in the mind of a person in a sweet-turned-sour relationship who knows he needs to get out of it, but can’t seem to remove themselves because they’re leaning for strength from the valued other


"Without naming names, it’s the story of my last 10 years. I’ve been holding onto these things for the last 10 years, I’ve decided it’s just time to let them go."

—Corey Taylor

Book Covers

I'll tear you down I'll make you bleed eternally

Can't help myself From hurting you when it's hurting me

[...]I'm starting to think maybe you like it

We were never alive And we won't be born again

But I'll never survive With dead memories in my heart.

Other Projects with Nadia Colella

The silence condemnation

A fantastic story where the shadows of an ominous past spread across the kingdom of Orka, although the truth conspires to come to light.

Evania is the heir to the House of Fire, but she doesn't want to take on that responsibility because she doesn't feel ready. And trying to escape the reality of her, she forgets prudence and ends up in the middle of the night facing a Dark Creature, the main enemy of the kingdom. Is it worth taking that risk to eliminate the object that torments her so much?

Thunder joins the Kingdom Guard to escape the violence of his father, but also to show him what he is capable of: becoming Princess Cordelia's Personal Guard. However, when Evania crosses her path, her principles are thrown off balance.

Meanwhile, the Dome feels that the administration of the kingdom is getting out of hand. They are not aware that everything they knew is about to break and the reason is hidden behind the silence.

What would you sacrifice to hide a truth?

In the art name

An intriguing romantic suspense novella full of secrets, mysteries and unrequited love.

Ágata wants to win a scholarship to study at an art institute. However, none of the paintings he made were to his liking. For this reason, she decides to go against the rules and use her work, which is perfect for her… Although she does not remember how she came to paint it.

Benicio, captivated by the sensations caused by the Ágata painting, decides to buy it. And the illusion that this act could have generated soon turns into obsession.

The relationship that grows between the two will help her discover disturbing memories of her past. And what she fought so hard for reveals a tragic truth.